Go Go Go

Somewhere looks familiar… Somewhere you will neve forget… Somewhere in your dream…

Just follow and see…


“This is Beijing”,colloquialism of Beijingers.

Beijing is the city where I live and love in all my heart. Thought I was not born in this city, I’ve been living in this city for more than 20 years. Looking back the places I visited in this city, Houhai is the most convenient place to go, either by bus or metro, and I visited more often in recent years because it has different view in different season. Since it represents the traditional culture of local residency, it is the best choice of domestic and foreign visitors. Here is the introduction of one glimpse.


Australia is my next touring destination. It is completely new to me even I can find some many touring guides about this country. But, I still want to experience myself and show you different angle. I’m so excited about this trip.

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