California Dreamin’ in San Francisco

San Francisco with its 805.235 citizens is the 4th biggest city in California. The name “San Francisco” has Spanish origins – named after the holy Franciscus de Assisio.

Golden Gate Bridge

John Philips wrote the song “California Dreamin'” in a frosty winters evening in Manhatten while his youg wife (Michelle) became homesick to South California. Also The Mamas & The Papas are singing “If I was in L.A.“, personally, I always think of San Francisco when hearing to this song.


I went to both L.A. and San Francisco – and from my personal experience, the people in Frisco are the  most welcoming and warm-hearted I got to know during my trip through Califorina.

How to start Night Life in Frisco?

First of all, make a guided tour through the famous hilly streets – ideally with Segways. You get to know hotspots as well as unique places. Why starting with Segways? Because your guide will most likely be hip and open-minded – and – more inportantly – tell you THE night life hot places in San Francisco. I made two Segway tours and got invited by our guide to a party twice. So this definitely will be a good start in San Francisco.

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